How can I support?

  1. Contact your personal account manager, or call 702-692-ACES to purchase tickets to donate to Give & Go.
  2. Have a ticket plan and can’t make a game? Don’t let that seat go to waste. Donate it via Flash Seats to Give & Go.

Who receives my donated tickets?
Your donated tickets will be distributed to groups and organizations who would otherwise be unable to attend an Aces game.

When is the cut-off to donate my tickets for a game?
Please do your best to donate your tickets at least 72 hours before the game. 

Am I able to donate to some games and not others?
Yes. Please either transfer your tickets for the game you would like to donate from your Flash Seats account to, OR email 
at least 72 hours before the game.

Will donating my tickets affect my status as a Member?
No. Donating all or some of your tickets to Give & Go will not affect your status as a Member. Thank you for your donation!