Owner Mark Davis
Head Coach Becky Hammon (Bio)
General Manager
Natalie Williams (Bio)
First Assistant Coach Natalie Nakase (Bio)
Assistant Coach/Head of Player Development
Tyler Marsh (Bio)
Assistant Coach Charlene Thomas-Swinson (Bio)
Medical Director Laura Ramus
Director of Health and Performance Ciara Burgi
Lead Rehabilitation Specialist Jerrica Thomas
Lead Athletic Trainer Bryson Creer
Performance Coach
Jeremiah Welch
Vice President, Basketball Operations
Tonya Holley
Director, Basketball Operations/Video Coordinator
Rich Hilliard
Coordinator, Basketball Operations
Celia Marfone
Head Equipment Manager Kristin Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Larry Delsen
Nikki Fargas (Bio)
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
Matt Delsen
Chief Revenue Officer Jason Andrea
Chief Business Development Officer Jennifer Azzi (Bio)
Chief Strategy Officer Blair Hardiek
Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing
Deandra Duggans
Senior Vice President, Finance Rikard Gellert
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Ronan Baynes
Vice President, Media Relations John Maxwell
Vice President, Social Media Kris Lumague
Vice President, Marketing Carley Sisolak
Director, Creative Video Production
Katie Morgan
Assistant Director, Media Relations
Caroline Williams
Creative & Entertainment Specialist
Brian Hayes
Graphic Designer Aidan Massie
Graphic Designer RV Oliver III
Executive Assistant
Justice Toalioa
Manager, Facility Operations Roy Haas, Jr.
Manager, Partnership Marketing Adrienne Markham
Manager, Digital Content Strategy
Kaysey Siobal
Creative Producer, Video Production Amber Del Rio
Business Operation Coordinator Sydnei Caldwell
Digital Media Coordinator Tayvion Carter
Marketing Coordinator Jordan Feffer
Digital Content Producer
Alex Coleman
Digital Content Producer
Joshua Koester
General Inquiries E-Mail
General Inquiries E-Mail
Vice President, Sales Development & Strategy Gus Arellano
Vice President, Sales Operations & Analytics Kalani Dantley
Senior Manager, Member Experience Basia Query
Manager, Member Experience Jared Churchill
Manager, Member Experience
Evanna Martinez
Manager, Member Experience Andrea Pasic
Manager, Member Experience Kirstie Terrobias