President Biden, Vice President Harris Welcome Aces To White House

Aces President Nikki Fargas’ Remarks at the White House.

Mister President, Madame Vice President. Thank you so much for once again inviting the Aces to the White House as we celebrate our back-to-back championships.

Although 1992 is ancient history for many standing behind us, I’m certain, Mr. President, that you remember that year’s election season quite vividly.

There were only 2 women in the Senate at the time—Nancy Kassebaum and Barbara Mikulski. But in 1992, a then record 4 women won seats including the first black woman ever elected, Carol Mosley Braun.

Following the swearing in of that class, headline writers dubbed 1992 “The Year of the Woman.”

Senator Mikulski was a bit insulted, noting that “Calling 1992 the Year of the Woman makes it sound like the Year of the Caribou … or the Year of the Asparagus.” She added, “We’re not a fad … a fancy … or a year.”

Four years later, the WNBA announced “We Got Next.” At the time, many thought the league was just a fad … a fancy. But visionaries like David Stern and Val Ackerman, alongside some of the best athletes in the world set about proving the doubters wrong.

Altering the landscape of professional sports and of American politics have both proven equally challenging. Change is slow.

But three decades later, that change is real. Today, the Senate counts 25 women among its number, and the second most powerful person in the world is not just a woman, but a woman of color.

The WNBA has likewise seen dramatic growth in ticket sales, merchandising and TV ratings, while forward-thinking corporate partners begin to understand the value in investing in women.

We are not a fad. We are not a fancy. We are not a year. We are the WNBA, 28-years strong and counting.

Mister President. Madame Vice President. Thank you again for so graciously welcoming us to our nation’s capital.

We would now like to add to your athletics wardrobes as two-time MVP A’ja Wilson, and Point Gawd Chelsea Gray present you with Aces jerseys, just in time for the WNBA’s season opener on May 14.