A black-tailed jackrabbit native of the Mojave Desert with origins in Utah and Texas, this furry creature hopped his way from the desert to Las Vegas in the Spring of 2018. 

After a long trek in the desert heat, the hare was found resting behind Michelob ULTRA Arena where he was pulled out of a hat by his foot by the Aces who were in search for a new home themselves. The basketball team adopted the rabbit and nicknamed him “BUCKET$” – a name fitting for the hare by a basketball team in the city of Las Vegas. BUCKET$ became the mascot and a symbol of good luck for the Aces.

In 2022, BUCKET$ earned his 3rd All-Star selection as a mascot, was the WNBA’s Mascot of the Year, and helped will and cheer his beloved Aces to the city’s first professional Championship – just a few of the many things on BUCKET$’ list. BUCKET$ provides endless entertainment for Aces fans (the greatest fans in the world) and WNBA fans near and far.


  • Hare Jordan
  • Hare Raiser
  • Bad Bunny (not to be confused with the artist. Apparently, I just cause too much trouble)

Favorite Sneaker(s):

  • Nike Cosmic Unity 2 “A’ja Wilson”
  • Air Jordan 1s
  • Kobe 6s – Grinch

Favorite Movie(s):

  • Space Jam  (shoutout to Bugs Bunny and Air Jordan)
  • Hare-y Potter

Favorite Artists(s):

  • Bad Bunny

Favorite Moment(s):

  • 1st ever Aces game
  • Winning the ’22 WNBA Championship
  • Every game day with the Aces fans