Aces Overseas (May 5 Update)


Where In The World Are The Aces?

Many WNBA players take their talents overseas during the “offseason,” and the Aces are no exception. While Moriah Jefferson is in Las Vegas making appearance on behalf of the team, the majority of the remaining players on the roster are hooping it up around the world.

Check the official online home of the Aces each week for updates on how your favorite players are performing in their adopted countries.

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Cierra Burdick—Kazanochka Kazan (Russia)

Russian League: Third Place Series vs. Inventa—GAME ONE,  April 24, L, 80-68; GAME TWO, April 27, L, 81-76.

In the battle for third place in the Russian League, Inventa took Game One of the three-game series with a 12-point victory. Burdick grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds and added nine points in the loss.

Inventa clinched third place with a five-point win in Game Two of the series. Burdick scored 14 points, and grabbed seven rebounds.

PBL Final Standings
1 UMMC 19-1
2 Dynamo K 19-1
3 Nadezhda O 14-6
4 Enisey 10-10
5 Sparta&K MR 10-10
6 Kazanochka 9-11
7 MBA 9-11
8 Inventa 7-13
9 Dynamo M 6-14
10 Dynamo NR 6-14
11 Spartak N 1-19


Dearica Hamby—Ragusa (Italy)

Italian League: Semifinals vs. Venezia—GAME ONE, April 21, L, 76-70; GAME TWO, April 23, W, 77-64; GAME THREE, April 26, L, 71-63; GAME FOUR, April 28, W, 61-58; GAME FIVE, April 30, W, 56-55.

Hamby helped Ragusa to a three-games-to-two victory over Venezia in the Italian League Semifinals to close out the month of April. Hamby posted a 12-point, 13-rebound double-double in the first game of the series, but it wasn’t enough as Venezia picked up the six-point victory.

Ragusa tied the series in Game Two with a 13-point win behind 19 points and 11 rebounds from Hamby.

Venezia pushed Ragusa to the brink of elimination with an eight point win in Game Three. Hamby recorded her third double-double of the series with 14 points and 14 boards in the loss.

Hamby’s fourth double-double in the semifinals (16 points, 18 rebounds) helped Ragusa even the series once again with a three-point victory.

Ragusa advanced to the Finals ekeing out a one-point win on the road behind Hamby’s 18 points and 16 boards.

Italian League: Finals vs. Familia Schio—GAME ONE, May 3, L, 62-56.

Hamby ran her string of consecutive double-doubles to six straight with an 11-point, 11-rebound performance in Game One of the Italian League Finals, but Familia Schio came away with the six-point victory.

Next Games: Finals vs. Familia Schio—GAME TWO, May 5, GAME THREE May 8

Italian League Final A1 Standings
1 Familia Schio 20-2
2 Venezia 17-5
3 Ragusa 13-9
4 Napoli 12-10
5 Lucca 12-10
6 San Martino 12-10
7 Torino 9-13
8 Broni 8-14
9 Vigarano 6-16
10 Battipaglia 1-21


Kayla McBride—Yakin Dogu (Turkey)

EuroLeague: Semifinals vs. Sopron Basket—April 20, L, 68-65.

McBride scored 23 points and grabbed five rebounds, but Sopron Basket edged Yakin Dogu by three to advance to the EuroLeague Championship.

EuroLeague: Third Place Game vs. Dynamo K—April 22, L, 87-82.

McBride scored 17 points, grabbed three rebounds and handed out three assists, but Yakin Dogu fell by five in the battle for third place in the EuroLeague Finals.

Turkish League: Quarterfinals vs. Galatasaray—GAME ONE, April 25, W, 90-53; GAME TWO, April 28, W, 87-81.

Yakin Dogu made easy work of Galatasaray in Game One of their quarterfinal match up, as they cruised to a 37-point win. McBride scored 14 points and added eight rebounds in the victory.

Game Two was a closer affair, but Yakin Dogu advanced to the Turkish League Semifinals with a six-point win. McBride scored six points, handed out three assists and grabbed three rebounds in the victory.

Turkish League: Semifinals vs. Cukurova—GAME ONE, May 2, W, 78-76.

McBride scored 12 points and chipped in seven rebounds as Yakin Dogu took a 1-0 lead over Cukurova in the Turkish League Semifinals.

Next Game: Semifinals vs. Cukurova—GAME TWO, May 5; GAME THREE, May 8

KBSL Final Standings
1 Yakin Dogu 22-2
2 Hatay 20-4
3 Fenerbahce 19-5
4 Botas 15-9
5 Cukurova 14-10
6 Besiktas 13-11
7 Mersin BSB 13-11
8 Galatasaray 11-13
9 OGM Orman 9-15
10 Abdullah Gul 8-16
11 Canik Belediye 6-18
12 Adana ASKI 3-21
13 Istanbul Univ. 3-21
14 Bornova 0-24


Kelsey Plum—Fenerbahce (Turkey)

Turkish League: Quarterfinals vs. Besiktas: GAME ONE, April 24, W, 79-45; GAME TWO, April 27, W, 79-64.

Kelsey Plum scored 13 points and added a game-high six assists along with three rebounds as Fenerbahce rolled to a 29-point win over Besiktas in Game One of their quarterfinal match up.

In the Game Two clincher, Plum scored six points and added five assists as DFEnerbahce won by 15 to advance to the semifinals.

Turkish League: Semifinals  vs. Hatay: GAME ONE, May 3, W, 73-58.

Fenerbahce took a 1-0 lead over Hatay in the Turkish League Semifinals with a convincing 15-point victory. Plum scored five points and added two assists and two rebounds in the win.

Next Games: Semifinals—GAME TWO, May 6; GAME THREE, May 9

KBSL Standings
1 Yakin Dogu 22-2
2 Hatay 20-4
3 Fenerbahce 19-5
4 Botas 15-9
5 Cukurova 14-10
6 Besiktas 13-11
7 Mersin BSB 13-11
8 Galatasaray 11-13
9 OGM Orman 9-15
10 Abdullah Gul 8-16
11 Canik Belediye 6-18
12 Adana ASKI 3-21
13 Istanbul Univ. 3-21
14 Bornova 0-24