ACES ABROAD: EuroLeague & EuroCup Updates (March 14, 2019)

Where In The World Are The Aces?

Many WNBA players take their talents overseas during the “offseason,” and the Aces are no exception. In addition to playing in country-specific leagues, some teams also participate in the EuroLeague and EuroCup.

Kayla McBride (UMMC Ekaterinburg), Kelsey Plum (Fenerbahce) and Isabelle Harrison (USK Praha) all play in the EuroLeague, and their games are broadcast live on YouTube (links included below).

Moriah Jefferson (Galatasaray) and Kelsey Bone (Cukurova) play in the EuroCup.

Check the official online home of the Aces each week for updates on how your favorite players are performing in their adopted countries.


EuroLeague Standings
1 UMMC Ekaterinburg 13-1 27
2 ZVVZ USK Praha 10-4 24
3 Bourges Basket 9-5 23
4 CCC Polkowice 7-7 21
5 Nadezhda 7-7 21
6 Famila Schio 5-9 19
7 ESBVA-LM 4-10 18
8 Castors Braine 1-13 15
1 Dynamo Kursk 13-1 27
2 Sopron Basket 8-6 22
3 Fenerbahce 8-6 22
4 TTT Riga 8-6 22
5 Perfumerias Avenida 7-7 21
6 Carolo Basket 5-9 19
7 Hatay BB 5-9 19
8 Olympiacos 2-12 16


The EuroLeague regular season finished up this week, and the quarterfinals get underway the first week of March. McBride and UMMC Ekaterinburg are the one seed in Group A, and they take on the four seed in Group B—TTT Riga. In the first game of the series, Ekaterinburg upended TTT Riga, 78-45, and they ended the series three days later with a 77-55 win. Next up for McBride and company is a semifinal series against Sopron Basket, which begins on April 12.

Isabelle Harrison and USK Praha are the two seed in Group A, and they squared off against third-seed Fenerbahce and Kelsey Plum, sweeping the series, 76-54 and 77-65. USK Praha takes on Dynamo K in the semifinals beginning April 12.

Kayla McBride—UMMC Ekaterinburg (13-1)
Schedule Link (watch live on YouTube)
Recent Game: 
Next Game: Apr. 12 vs. TTT Riga (TBD)


Isabelle Harrison—USK Praha (10-4)
Schedule Link (watch games live on YouTube)
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Next Game: Apr. 12 vs. Dyanamo K (TBD)



EuroLeague Final Regular Session Standings
1 Galatasaray 5-1
2 Energa Torun 4-2
3 MBA Moscow 3-3
4 Niki Lefkada 0-6
1 Cukurova 6-0
2 Botas Spor 4-2
3 Beroe 2-4
4 A3 Basket 0-6


The EuroCup regular season is in the books, and 24 teams advanced to the playoffs which begin after the new year. The top two teams from each of the 10 Groups are in the postseason (20 teams), as are the two top third place teams in each Conference (four teams).

The top eight teams advance directly to the Round of 16. That includes Kelsey Bones’ Cukurova team, which she joined after the holidays. Cukurova beat Besiktas to advance to the round of 8, where they faced Wisla CANPACK Krakow. Cukurova beat Wisla by 20 in the first game of their series, and by eight in the series-clincher. Bone’s quarterfinals match-up against Familia Schio began March 7, as Cukurova eked out a 79-75 victory in the series opener, but lost the second game, 81-73, sending Familia Schio to the semifinals.

Moriah Jefferson’s Galatasaray squad was seeded ninth in the playoffs, and defeated 24 seed Lointek Gernika Bizkaia in the first round. They then upended DVTK to advance to the round of 8 where they took on BLMA. Galatasaray fell by 14 to BLMA in the first game of the series, and 13 in the second decisive game.


Kelsey Bone—Cukurova
Schedule Link
Recent Game: Mar. 14, L, 81-73, vs. Familia Schio
19 points, 8 rebounds
box score link
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