ACES ABROAD: Euroleague & EuroCup, October 21, 2019

Where In The World Are The Aces?

Many WNBA players take their talents overseas during the “offseason,” and the Aces are no exception. In addition to playing in country-specific leagues, some teams also participate in the EuroLeague and EuroCup.

The EuroLeague is the highest professional basketball league in Europe. At the start of the 2019-20 season, 19 teams were vying for the EuroLeague championship. Of those 19 teams, 13 had byes into the regular season, while six additional teams participated in a late-September-early October qualifying round. The top three finishers in the qualifying round advanced to the regular season.

The 16 teams are broken up into two groups of eight for the regular season which runs through late February 20. The top four teams from each group qualify for the quarterfinals, which begin March 11. The Final Four is slated for April 17 and 19.

Epiphanny Prince (Dynamo K) plays in the EuroLeague.

The EuroCup is an annual second-tier level competition in Europe. At the start of the 2019-20 season, 40 teams were vying for the EuroCup championship. Thirty-two of those teams had byes into the regular season. They are joined by the four teams that didn’t advance out of the EuroLeague Qualifying Round, and an additional four teams that advanced through a EuroCup Qualifying Round.

The forty teams are broken up into 10 groups of four teams each for the regular season, which ends in late fall. The playoffs run throughout the winter, with the Final Four and Championship game typically being played in early April.

No members of the Aces are currently playing in the EuroCup.

Check the official online home of the Aces each week for updates on how your favorite players are performing in their adopted countries.

Epiphanny Prince—Dynamo Kursk (1-0)
Schedule Link
Recent Game: Oct 16, W, 79-64, vs. LDLC ASVEL
13 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals
box score
Next Game: Oct. 23 vs. Famila Schio



EuroLeague Standings
1 Nadezhda 1-0 2
2 Reyer Venezia 1-0 2
3 UMMC Ekaterinburg 1-0 2
4 ZVVZ USK Praha 1-0 2
5 TTT Riga 0-1 1
6 Castors Braine 0-1 1
7 Bourges Basket 0-1 1
8 Cukurova 0-1 1
1 Dynamo Kursk 1-0 2
2 Sopron Basket 1-0 2
3 Fenerbahce 1-0 2
4 Famila Schio 1-0 2
5 Spar Citylift Girona 0-1 1
6 Arka Gdynia 0-1 1
7 BLMA o-1 1
8 LDLC ASVEL Femini 0-1 1