What is Flash Seats?
Flash Seats is an ID-based, digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event with any form of convenient digital ID, such as a credit/debit card or a Mobile ID through the Flash Seats mobile app. This concept, similar to the e-ticket in the airline industry, allows you to manage your tickets via the Internet. It also gives you the ability to sell, buy and transfer seats through a marketplace endorsed by Mandalay Bay Events Center.

How do I become a Flash Seats account holder?
Simply go to the Flash Seats website at flashseats.com and click Register at the top of the page. You will be asked to enter some basic account information, followed by your credit card information. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. Your credit card information is simply a unique identifier. After completing the account information, you may buy, sell or manage any seats in your account.

You can also register using the Flash Seats mobile app. The Flash Seats mobile app is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later for iPhone and iPod Touch and with Android 2.3 or later for Android devices.

Why is digital ticketing better?
This new technology allows you to:
• Sell any unused seats that are eligible for resale in a safe, online marketplace backed by Mandalay Bay Events Center.
• Efficiently manage your seat inventory.
• Transfer tickets with ease to anyone with access to the Internet, anytime or anywhere, even at the last minute.
• Eliminate lost and stolen ticket issues.

What type of card can I use?
You can enter events you have tickets to with any valid credit/debit card that you’ve added to your account. If you purchased tickets directly from Mandalay Bay Events Center, you can also enter events with the card you used for the purchase. Alternatively, you can enter events with a Mobile ID.

How can I be sure my credit card will not be charged?
Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless you are purchasing tickets on Flash Seats. It is only used to identify you as the owner of tickets when you enter events.

How do I add a card to my account and how many cards can I have?
You can add a credit/debit card to your account to enter events. Log in to the site, click Account, and then click Identification. You may add as many cards as you like to your account, as long as they are valid.

If I don’t have my mobile phone can I still get into the game?
Yes, register your credit/debit card to your Flash Seats account for entry. If you don’t have your phone or it’s out of battery, you’re all set to enter with one of your registered cards. A guest service representative will print seat locators which identify your section, row and seats.